For a limited time we are offering for FREE, 100 CDs in printed cardsleeves with every vinyl project order placed. Worth approximately $400 it can be bundled with your vinyl, used to help promote your band or even sold alongside your vinyl.

Low minimums - Vinyl pressing from 100 units

No matter what size record you're after, we can press your vinyl from just 100 units. And, with our full range of packaging available from this unit amount, your vinyl project will come out just the way you want it.

Exact Quantities

Many vinyl suppliers charge for extra vinyl that may be produced with your order. We don't. What you order is what we deliver and we will never charge you for overs. It means the price that is confirmed is the price that's paid. It's a nice and simple way to help you budget for your vinyl project.

Cutting / Metal Work / Stampers

At Hangz we try and make it as easy as possible for you to get great sounding vinyl exactly as you imagine. We take care of everything: cutting, metal work and lacquers. All you need to do is supply your audio as a digital file. Arranged your own cutting? No problem – we'll work with your lacquer to create incredible vinyl record pressings. To maximise your sound, it's vital to supply your audio in the best way possible. Refer to our audio data sheet for tips and specs.

Test Pressing - Physical

The process of vinyl pressing is analogue and has inherent limitations, so listening to your product before pressing your full run is recommended. We'll supply two pressings of your project to ensure you're satisfied with its sound and quality. Our aim is for your record to sound as loud and as close a representation as possible to your supplied audio, therefore, testing is not for adjusting your recording. Should you need to resupply audio due to an audio-related error, costs will incur. Should the issue lie within the cutting and pressing process, new test pressing will be supplied at no extra cost. Our usual turnaround for vinyl runs with physical test pressing: 8-10 weeks.

Test Pressing - Digital

Speed-up the lead time on your vinyl record pressing while minimising any risk. A physical test pressing is still created but rather than shipping and processing it, we create a digital recording of it that you can listen to and approve. This is also great for people who don't have a quality system to listen to their physical test pressings. Our engineer will record it on their system for your listening pleasure. Our usual turnaround for vinyl runs with digital test pressing: 6-8 weeks.

No Test Pressing

Pressed for time? Although not recommended – we get it. Skip the test pressing and head straight to manufacture. While there's no room for recourse if there's issues with your pressing, this will drastically reduce the lead time of your project. Our usual turnaround with no test pressing: 4-6 weeks.

Artwork set up / Graphic design

Our templates page has PDF versions of all the artwork that you need to complete your vinyl project. These can be followed to help you set up your artwork and once completed can be uploaded with your order to be checked and approved by our art department. Stuck on your design or don’t quite know how to set-up print-ready artwork? Our graphic design team will get your project unstuck and across the finish line. Book and sit in our studio for help from our in-house designers. Or if you prefer to work via correspondence, that works too. Let's get the most out of your project from the start.


We'll deliver your vinyl pressing project anywhere in Australia and then on to the world – all at incredibly reasonable rates. We'll happily coordinate delivery for your release with labels overseas. And, we'll make sure your vinyl is at the venue, ready for the start of your show.

20 Years of Experience

We are Implant Media's dedicated vinyl pressing division. With 20+ years behind us, we've printed for labels, artists and musicians – in Australia, New Zealand, and across the world. After managing tens of thousands of projects, we understand what it takes to get the most out of every album. We love pressing vinyl and would love to work with you on your next project.